As a language of symbols, the tarot deck is a flexible vehicle of interpretation. In any given reading, I apply my intuition to my knowledge of the traditional meanings and associations of the cards, as well as my studies of mythology and folklore, structural anthropology, literature, and more. The goal is to synthesize the symbols into a coherent narrative. It's not just the meaning behind the cards that is important; it's being able to put that meaning into context, examining the relationship between the cards in a layout. I do readings in person or over the phone, at the rate of thirty dollars per half hour. A half-hour reading usually covers one spread, and an hour-long reading allows time for two separate spreads, either about two separate subjects (the classic is one for love, one for money!) or about different aspects of the same subjects; often, my clients and I get a general overview of a given situation in the first layout, and then examine a particular aspect of the same situation in more depth in the second. I'm well-versed in a number of spreads, but the most popular is my variation of the Celtic Cross, which covers all aspects of a situation, as well as providing cards of advice. Included in the price of your reading is a worksheet on which we can jot down notes about the spread. Also, I like to serve tea or coffee with a reading, and can read the grounds/leaves afterwards. I also provide my clients with a record of their reading, either as an mp3 or wav file. Lots of clients like to take a picture of the spread with their phones to reference later. All of this is at no additional charge.