30 dollar half hour reading, in person or by telephone.

60 dollars full hour reading, in person or by telephone

10 dollar 'mini' reading (three card spread, telephone or email only; this takes about ten to fifteen minutes and is best for short questions)

I can meet you at your home, my home, or someplace else. A lot of people like to get together for coffee. The price of your reading includes a brief written record and, if you wish, a digital recording of your session. I also serve tea or coffee if we meet at my home.


30 dollar mini-readings of Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, in person, by phone, or written.

75 dollars per hour for Natal, Solar Return, Saturn Return, or Synastry interpretation in person or by phone, with free record of your session in person.

90 dollars for full written interpretations, for Natal charts, Solar Return, Saturn Return, or Synastry.

Tea Leaves

FREE with any in-home appointment.

You can book my services by phone (850-345-4229), email (sibylline.oracle@gmail.com), or by using the contact form on this site.