Astrology is to tarot what the novel is to the short story....make that the epic trilogy to flash fiction!

I adore the study of astrology. Like tarot, it's something I will continue to study and learn about for a lifetime. But even more so than the cards, which are pretty accessible to beginners, astrology can be an overwhelming art and science. I was reading my tarot cards with some level of confidence at age fifteen, but it took many, many years before I had mastered the rudiments of astrological interpretation enough to make sense of a natal chart.

An astrological natal or birth chart is both a snapshot of a moment and the map of a lifetime. It is an illustration of the psyche as told in archetypes, and it is incredibly complex! Because of this, astrology is as satisfying as it is challenging, and I find it endlessly fascinating.

For my clients, I can do in-person or recorded interpretations, or a written interpretation. Written interpretations take a LONG time-- as long as six weeks, and more if I have a backlog of clients-- because it attempts to take the inner workings of a human life and map it out in thirty pages or less. It's a lot of work!

For these written charts, I charge ninety dollars, and can provide a printed copy or a pdf file. For an additional thirty dollars, I can meet with you one-on-one to discuss the results and walk you through the basics of the chart. This usually takes about an hour or less, since the bulk of the information is in the chart. The overview tends more to explain the basics and my methods so you can get the most out of your reading, and I can answer any specific questions.

For those who don't need a written interpretation, I provide face-to-face astrological consultations (or we can skype!) at the rate of seventy-five dollars an hour, with an hour minimum. This is slightly more than my rate for tarot, because of the prior prep work involved.

In addition to full natal chart readings, I offer "mini" readings that cover only your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, for thirty dollars, written or in person. These barely touch on the depths of the full natal chart, but they do provide an interesting and informative overview of the most prominent points.

I also do Saturn Return, Solar Return, and Synastry charts. The Saturn Return chart examines your life at the "quarter-life crisis", the time when Saturn returns to the place of your birth. It is a momentous time full of change and upheavals, as you transition from youth to maturity.

Solar Return charts are for birthdays, and make a great birthday gift! (My godmother ordered one from her astrology for my sixteenth birthday; that's part of what inspired me to take this career path, and it was one of the best birthday presents ever.) A Solar Return chart examines the astrological snapshot of the precise moment when your Sun returns to the place of your birth-- usually within one or two days of your birthday-- and looks at the journey you'll be taking in the coming year.

And Synastry charts are everybody's favorites; a Synastry chart examines compatibility between two people. Who doesn't want to know about love and romance?