About Me

I've been studying tarot and astrology for over fifteen years. I first began to learn about the cards from my mother, a Pisces, who used to read her Rider-Waite deck for family and friends at parties. She had a fluid, intuitive style of reading that was very different from any methods I've ever read about. My own style is a hodgepodge of hers and the many techniques I've read about over the years, combining traditional with innovative methods of reading, and a heavy dose of intuition. My studies of Astrology began when I was thirteen and first read the classic Linda Goodman's Sun Signs cover to cover. Over the years, I've added a wide variety of authors and theoretical schools to my studies. My other major influence stems from my undergraduate work in sociocultural anthropology. Learning about structuralist theory completely changed the way I thought about the world, and has been a very powerful analytical tool in reading cards and natal charts. I've also been lucky enough to study Hebrew and Aramaic from some of the best teachers around, and so the Kabbalistic tradition-- while not my main area of focus-- is something I'm familiar with, as well. I live in Tallahassee with my wonderful boyfriend, Kyle, our two cats, Homer and Agnes, and our dachshund, Siegfried "Ziggy" Stardust. I also do freelance writing (and am working on a novel!) and Kyle and I run a local cottage bakery, The Dancing Duchess. It's quite a full plate, but I wouldn't have it otherwise.